With more than 20 experienced AI experts, Sentian offers AI at scale to manufacturing and process industry.

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No new systems, only new results

By adding intelligence to your existing solutions, we add value without installing new systems.

We offer

Industry leaders focusing on cutting-edge technology

We combine industry experience and the latest in AI research to build high-performing models.

Industrial AI

We build leading-edge solutions – advanced AI makes us tick.

Leading-edge technology giving industry an edge

We keep your machines available with Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance. We ensure they are run at optimum with the use of Intelligent Control and Automation. We also help you plan and schedule your production and operations with our Intelligent Optimization.

The core of

Every AI and Machine Learning company will say they can do almost anything. We know better.

We spend proportionally more time on education and R&D than all competitors we know of. We are science driven but with a focus on applied AI, with having a lot of applied AI experience.

Our platform offers the latest advances in AI, where we value quality over quantity. We believe domain expertise is key to competitive advantage.

This expertise in Industrial AI and Industry 4.0 enables us to create products perfectly suited for the needs in your organization, where we enjoy working with highly skilled engineers that understand the true value of data and technology.

Industry 4.0

There is a lot of talk about Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet and digitalization, where experts believe the Industry 4.0 transformation will have a greater impact than most. The key reason being that it includes Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We believe there to be two fundamental drivers behind this AI revolution. The first is that algorithms now can learn and improve without the need of humans. The second one is that these algorithms can perform intelligent tasks. This accelerates access to valuable insights and optimizes how processes are run, in a way previously unimagined.

As AI learns from data, it is crucial to act as early as possible, where more data gives a disproportionate favor to early adopters. The evolution is fast, but if one acts quickly one will see a true competitive advantage, resulting in both quick and long-term returns. In order to keep up, the competing laggards will have to climb an increasingly steeper hill.

Most competing solutions are derived from fields such as e-commerce or banking. They may work, but revamped platforms of this kind can fall short when confronted with the specific challenges posed by industrial AI. We instead build our solutions specifically for Industry 4.0, exclusively for your needs and purposes.

Customized Industry 4.0 solutions, applied AI experience and a genuine interest in AI research is what makes us unique. Don’t become the laggard, let us help you climb the hill.