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Industrial AI

We build leading-edge solutions – advanced AI makes us tick and provides better value to our customers.

Leading edge technology that gives industry an edge

We offer solutions to make sure your machines are available with our Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance, we make sure they run at optimum with our Intelligent Control and Automation, and we help you plan and schedule your production and operations with our Intelligent Optimization

The core of Sentian.ai

Every AI and Machine Learning company will say they can do almost anything. We spend more time proportionally on education and R&D than all AI competitors we know of. We are science driven but focused on Applied AI, and we have a lot of applied AI experience! Our platform include the latest advances in AI. We do not try to be best at every niche as we think domain expertise is crucial. That makes it possible to create products with the functions and features that are needed in your business. Industrial AI and Industry 4.0 is our focus as we enjoy working with highly skilled engineers that understand the value of data and technology.

Industry 4.0

There is a lot of talk about Industry 4.0, industrial Internet and digitalization. We are focused on the Industrial AI and ML side of it. As much as the industry is constantly undergoing a technical transformation, Industry 4.0 is going to have a greater impact than most previous technology transformations. The key reason is that it includes Artificial Intelligence (AI). The two fundamental drivers here are that it learns and it can perform intelligent tasks that only humans could do previously. This will have a great impact. It is key to act as early as possible as the AI learns from data. More data gives better solutions. The evolution is fast and the impact will generate quick returns if implemented right. The laggards will have to climb an increasingly higher hill to catch up.

Our solutions are built for Industry 4.0. Most competing solutions are derived from other fields, such as e-commerce and banking. Revamped platforms of this kind can fall short when confronted with the specific challenges posed by industrial AI.