PULP & PAPER Predictive Maintenance

Business Problem

According to the Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute, maintenance costs account for 10% of sales in the industry, a substantially higher rate than the chemical industry, car manufacturing, and engine manufacturing, and the losses for an entire Paper and Pulp plant from unscheduled downtime could exceed $1 million per hour.


Pulp & Paper plants can experience many forms of challenges over the production. With feeds of data coming from DCS or SCADA plus newer IoT sensors the challenge is to analyse the data in a context to discover anomalies and make predictions.

SentianController solution

SentianController is set up to monitor processes continuously, as deviations occur the system can be trained to alert when the deviations are trending while the system still tries to compensate for this in the optimization of the process. In addition the system can be trained to predict remaining useful life expectation (RUL). This way it is possible to update SentianController to also handle predictive maintenance.