Our Company
We at Sentian believe in the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive innovation and transform processes.  We help industrial companies to improve their operations by using cutting-edge AI and ML technology, to take them to the next level.
We are committed to take you and your company further towards industrial competitiveness, optimizing your performance while simultaneously modernizing your production and planning processes.
Simply put, we provide simple and intelligent solutions to complex industrial challenges and will lead you through it step by step.
Our History
Founded in the summer of 2016, after eBay acquired Expertmaker, by a team of highly skilled people, Sentian’s vision has always been to help large companies to transform their businesses by becoming algorithmically driven through AI and machine learning.
Since then we have been at the forefront of offering cutting-edge technologies to our customers. We focus on adding value through self-learning systems that will improve even further over time.
Throughout our journey, we have collaborated with several international partners and are continuously growing in various industrial markets across the globe.

George Buckbee

Staffan Tapper

Our Advisors

With a lifetime of experience, George is a true veteran in the process control industry. When ExperTune was sold to Metso/Neles, George led the ExperTune team as it grew into a global player in software and consulting services.

An active instructor and author, George has written dozens of articles published in magazines around the world. A member of ISA since the 1980’s he was elected a Fellow of ISA in 2011. George has written two books for ISA, and remains active on the Publications Committee there.


Staffan has over 30 years of experience in the mining industry, offering a global perspective from leading mining and engineering companies. With a PhD in engineering physics, an MBA, as well as an M.Eng Mining, Staffan forge technology with business insight. 

Staffan  is a true veteran in bringing technology into the mining industry. From digitalization to process simulation in minerals and metals, areas that Staffan has managed during his long career. 

Our Team
Sentian works in a collaborative and agile fashion. We work in small teams, communicate candidly and value each team members personal strengths.
We focus on staying up to date with technology and encourage everyone to spend a part of their work time on education.
Our main office is located at The Ground in Malmö. The Ground is an entrepreneurial co-working space and community filled with hard-working, ambitious people active in the Swedish Startup Landscape.
Additionally, we have a sales office in Stockholm in collaboration with THINGS, one of the most influential innovation centers in the country.