Our Company

Sentian.ai is an Industrial AI product and solutions company. We have a great team of AI experts with a long background in AI. We have an ambitious R&D roadmap and have made several technical breakthroughs. 

Our strengths lie in both machine learning (with a focus on model-based reinforcement learning, or MBRL) and mathematical optimization.

Please contact CEO Martin Rugfelt.

by Martin Rugfelt– CEO

Our Team

Sentian.AI was founded in the summer of 2016, just after eBay acquired Expertmaker, by a team of highly skilled people with a vision of helping large companies to transform their businesses by becoming algorithmically driven via AI and machine learning.

We strive to be leaders in the field and apply the latest thinking and technologies to make sure our customers have the best technology. We focus on Industrial AI and Industry 4.0, and our solutions are built for the demands of industrial companies.

As a team Sentian works in a collaborative and agile fashion. We put a strong focus on staying up to date with technology and encourage everyone to spend a part of their work time on education.  Furthermore we share what we’ve learned in a weekly ‘sharing is caring’ lunch with each other and foster an open feedback culture.

Our office is located at The Ground in Malmö.  The Ground is an entrepreneurial co-working space and community filled with hard-working, nice people who build scalable digital products. It has a relaxed atmosphere, plenty of events and lots of space to hang out. You can even bring your dog to work.

Kenneth Ulrich

Chief Data Scientist

Nenad Pavlovic


Antonio Garozzo

Head of Sales