Predictive Maintenance is not enough

Up to now Predictive Maintenance has been the number one AI application for industry. But leading companies are now using AI and IoT technology in areas closer to their core business to improve competitiveness. 

AI powered control and automation systems have the potential to improve production by up to  30%.


Typical problems that can be resolved with new AI:

  • Variations in input parameters
  • Deviations in production quality or high scrap levels
  • Speed versus quality tradeoffs
  • Dependency on expert machine operators
  • Departure  and retirement of expert staff
  • Reactive instead of predictive processes
  • Robustness issues with 

If any of these points apply to your business, AI might be the solution.


AI and IoT have great untapped potential for improving performance. In combination, these technologies come to their full potential to optimize the whole production process through intelligent automation. We call it AIoT. AIoT can be used for various improvements such as reducing variation in manufacturing or improving the quality and speed of production. The result: improved efficiency, yield and profitability as well as improved customer satisfaction.

In our white paper you can read about:

• How to reach the full potential of your production through the combination of AI and IoT

• A full explanation of intelligent automation with concrete examples and a case study

• Insights into AIoT from Industrial AI specialist and IoT pioneer Device Insight

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