Optimized planning and scheduling through Sentian IO

Complex planning is still considered too complicated for optimization and is often done in a manual way, whether that is large scale staffing in complicated settings, or in production planning with lots of moving parts and multi constrained environments. Even using software planning is still frequently a manual optimization process. Alternatively companies resort to simplifications like producing to stock, driving large cost.

Using advanced AI models in combination with traditional optimization technologies Senitan IO can use data from IT and backend systems to create optimized planning.

• Complex constraints

• Optimized production schedule with simple ingestion of constraints

• Enable flexible production schedule

• Optimize for high value orders

• Multi AI approach for optimized solution

• Integrates to planning software

• Cross platform cloud solution

Example: Handling of production constraints

Production planning can be complex as there are many constraints to be handled from inventory to demand, to machine availability and staffing skills etc.

Example: improve time to market

With shorter planning cycles and better value management, it is possible to get the best out of the production. But that requires the possibility to re-plan production while maintaining visibility of what is possible and what value it brings


• Multi AI platform handles multiple types of data such as machine data, rostering, sensor data and other data sources e.g. external weather data

• Automatic learning

• Near real-time

• Generalization of models for multi site implementation

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