AI for Industries

SentianAI provides solutions for a wide range of industries

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of Industry 4.0 as it enables industrial processes to operate more efficiently. AI can change completely how your company or your customers plan, process data, manage maintenance and operate processes by leveraging the data most businesses already collect. 

Bringing AI to Industry

SentianController addresses competitive opportunities and threats, efficiency, and pain points -- all with a compelling, measurable return on your investment.

Benefits of AI

AI is an extremely dynamic technology that can solve a wide range of challenges without explicit programming. Its ability to learn from data allows it to match and even surpass the performance of human experts.

A Product, Not a Solution

SentianController is a SaaS product that makes it faster, simpler, and more efficient to deploy industrial AI, without the need for your own data scientists or data engineers. SentianController learns from your data and your experts on its own.



React fast and dynamically to changes in inputs and variables. Optimize for multiple, changing objectives. Improve overall performance.

Flexibility & Speed

Make it easy and fast to change your production setup. Calibrate and tune new processes and machines. Integrate with digital twins to optimize processes.

Intelligent Autonomy

Go from automation to intelligent autonomy with a system that learns and explores, allowing it to handle higher complexity with greater speed and precision.