Consultancy Services For Industrial AI

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of Industry 4.0 as it enables industrial processes to operate more efficiently. AI can change completely how your company or your customers plan, process data, manage maintenance and operate processes by leveraging the data most businesses already collect. Our industrial AI consultancy services help you unlock this value for your benefit and your customers.

Business Benefits

Executable AI strategies

Develop industrial AI strategies and roadmaps that are practical and fast to implement

AI implementation experience

Avoid AI and ML implementation dead-ends and wasted development by focusing on activities that will work by leveraging our implementation knowledge

Speed up time to market

Accelerate your custom AI development by using an experienced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning development team to kickstart and contribute to your project

SentianAI brings real-world implementation experience

World class expertise

Our experts have extensive experience of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies which allows them to choose the right algorithms and approach for your industrial AI application.

Real world implementation knowledge

Our team of implementation experts have delivered AI/ML solutions across process industries with a specialism in process control, anomaly detection and logistics. 

Independent experts

We are a private company so we are not tied to any specific vendor or partners so you can be sure that our recommendations are made based on what is best for you.


For larger strategy projects or IoT expertise as well as larger IT/OT related projects we have world class partners.

Looking for an AI based process control solution?

SentianController is a ready to be deployed AI supervisory controller that can improve process efficiency
Our Industrial AI Consulting Solutions

Based on our experience delivering industrial AI solutions, we can help you build a successful and implementable industrial AI strategy.

Organize for Industry 4.0 AI

We can guide you how to build and organize your AI team and how to plan and execute your projects. We can also provide practical advice on decisions such as what to build and what to buy.

Process industry AI roadmap

We will help you navigate the hazards and pitfalls of AI development as well as guide you on what to prioritize in your development plans so that your AI and digitalization roadmap meets your goals.

AI projects and custom solutions

Don’t have a team to build your AI project? Want to build a machine learning product, structure data, build a pipeline or implement a cloud solution? Our AI experts can help you implement your project.

AI and predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance and anomaly detection are difficult to get right. We provide experienced data scientists who can help build solutions that provide earlier warnings and deliver higher plant availability

AI Image recognition

If you have an image recognition project, we can provide data science expertise specialised in building AI solutions that overcome image recognition challenges commonly found in industrial environments. Examples: froth camera in a flotation circuit, ball feeder counter, etc.

Transform your business

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