Our Machine Learning powered control solution helps minimize energy costs and reduce emissions. Our innovative AI learns your process from your historical operational data, finds the best parameter settings through real-time simulation and keeps on adapting even as process, equipment and goals change. As a result, it can more accurately and responsively control your energy usage than APCs and expert operators.

Energy Reduction AI

Watch the video to see the potential of AI for energy reduction and why it should be an essential part of your process.
We can help you deliver more efficient energy usage

Optimizing fuel consumption

Minimize fuel usage to deliver a target power and energy production even with changing fuel characteristics.

Minimizing process power utilization

Running processes at their optimum operating point to minimize energy consumption for a target production and quality

Cut equipment power consumption

Reduce power consumption for energy intensive equipment such as large scale compressors or heavy machines

Typical energy optimization control issues Sentian Controller solves

Learns your process

Our AI builds a model of your process
based on data. Traditional technologies
like APCs can’t learn your exact process
and require expert configuration

Adapts as your process changes

As goals, feed and process change, our
AI solution unlike traditional solutions
constantly adapts to optimize the

Manages complex data sets

Expert operators use experience to set
operating parameters. Our AI solution
understand the data and system
dynamics for better optimization.

Maintains operator

Expert operator knowledge is captured
in to the AI model and best parameters
chosen independent of operator.

Implementation at your speed

Implemented in stages: 1) predictive
control; 2) guide parameter
setting. 3) autonomously apply settings

Vendor agnostic

Our solution will interface to any control
systems that offer an interface to
external systems

Use Cases
Example opportunities to reduce energy with AI

Boiler heater optimization

Adapts combustion parameters so as to deliver the target power, energy and emissions irrespective of fuel used and its properties.
Energy ↓ 4-6%

Mining/cement crusher optimization

Adapts crusher feed rate and loading so as to maximize throughput and reduce energy consumed per produced tonne. Grinding mill

Energy ↓ 10-20%


Mining/cement grinding mill optimization

Continually optimizes grinding mill parameters, load and ball charge to ensure the lowest grinding mill energy consumption.

Energy ↓ 4-10%

Rotary kiln optimization

Minimizes energy usage for the target production rate and end quality. Suitable for mining, cement, pulp and lime processing.

Energy ↓ 4-6%


Pulp recovery boiler optimization

Combustion parameters are optimized in real time so as to maximize heat generation and reduce emissions as feed quality changes.

Energy ↓ 2-5%

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