A new generation of intelligent process control for

Iron & Steel manufacturing

A new generation of
intelligent process
control for

Iron & Steel manufacturing

A new generation of Intelligent Process Optimization as a service, built on a new generation of AI.  SentianController forecast key quality measures to optimize against production targets. Recommending control settings or takeing over for autonomous control.  Enabling operators to make proactive decisions to reduce variability and scrap while increasing performance, quality and yield.

SentianController complements existing automation to go beyond current standards. It is fast to install and configure via a cloud API, adapts and learns from data, scales with your process, is intuitive and easy to operate, can optimize towards multiple goals and reduces the cost of ownership.

Together we can improve your process by

According to McKinsey, the US department of Energy, and our experience
Here's how

Digital transformation is underway in manufacturing of iron and steel. Early AI projects deliver improvements in product quality, process and stability, as well as lower costs. Those who don’t invest risk getting left behind.

SentianController is a competitive opportunity. Increasing  efficiency and performance, while addressing traditional pain points — all with a compelling, measurable return on your investment.

Here’s a few examples of what SentianController can do for you.

Reactive operations, awaiting manual quality tests, leading to higher scrap and variation in product quality

SentianController enables proactive operational decisions by forecasting key metrics and variables. Lowering scrap rates while increasing product quality

Operational success depends on individual operators expertise and training

SentianController learns the best from all operators and enables consistent high performance delivery from operators at all experience levels

Traditional Advanced Process Control (APC) offer significant initial benefits, but become obsolete after 12-18 months (performance deterioration) due to drifts and changes

SentianController continuously learns from the latest operational data, keeping up with drifts and changes. Meaning continuous performance improvement and no deterioration

Use cases