A new generation of intelligent process control for

Discrete Manufacturing

A new generation of
intelligent process
control for

Discrete Manufacturing

A new generation of Intelligent Process Optimization as a service, built on a new generation of AI.  SentianController forecast key quality measures to optimize against production targets. Recommending control settings or takeing over for autonomous control.  Enabling operators to make proactive decisions to reduce variability and scrap while increasing performance, quality and yield.

SentianController complements existing automation to go beyond current standards. It is fast to install and configure via a cloud API, adapts and learns from data, scales with your process, is intuitive and easy to operate, can optimize towards multiple goals and reduces the cost of ownership.

Together we can improve your process by

According to McKinsey, the US department of Energy, and our experience
Here's how

Complexity in manufacturing is growing fast and will continue to do so. Traditional control solutions can’t keep up, leaving complexity to operators and making operational success dependent on individual expertise.

Production quality issues with high scrap and low yield for high quality tiers

SentianController learns from operational experience (data), finding the right configurations and correctional values to maximize yield

Operational success dependent on individual operational experts

SentianController learns the best from all of the operators and help less experienced operators achieve rapid changes and higher yield

Long time delays while awaiting lab quality tests

SentianController enables tighter quality control by continuously predicting resulting quality metrics to fill-in the gaps in data used for making process control decisions

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