Discrete Manufacturing

Welding Robot

Business Problem

A welding robot cell produces a series of highly similar components, entailing long setup/calibration time, as well as multiple re-tests. To ensure high-quality output, destructive testing is performed at the start of a manufactured batch as well as continuous visual inspections to discard defective units.


Reduce the amount of destructive testing that is done, and control the Welding Guards in such a way that continuous batch output is more consistent and results in fewer discarded units.

SentianController solution

When SentianController is connected to the manually operated system, it deduces desirable set points for the different welds. The system learns both from the previous settings that worked in a given scenario, as well as from those that were less successful, in order to deduct more optimal control parameters. Consequently, it enables less experienced operators to operate the robot cell at a higher level, resulting in higher uptime and fewer discarded units.