Intelligent Process Optimization

As ore grades decline, energy costs rise and stakeholders demand that miners reduce their impact on the environment, AI solutions can deliver the efficient processes that deliver higher mineral recovery while reducing the use of natural resources.

Business Benefits

Increase process throughput and recovery rate

More predictable, less variable processes

Reduce energy usage and emissions

Our solutions overcome common process optimization issues

Learns your process

Our AI builds a model of your process based on plant data. Traditional technologies require experts to configure them.

Adapts as your process changes

Feed, process and goals change. Our AI constantly refines its model to optimize the production

Manages complex process data

Our solution handles large data sets and learns complicated system dynamics, which is difficult for  human operators.

Maintains minerals processing knowledge

Expert operator knowledge is captured by the AI model and the best parameters chosen independent of operator.

Implementation at your speed

Step-wise implementation: 1) predictive control;
2) guided parameter selection. 3) automatically apply settings each step increasing efficiency

Vendor agnostic

Our solution will interface to any mining plant control systems that offer an interface to external systems.

Opportunities for optimizing mining process using AI

Manage crusher feed rate and loading to maximize throughput and reduce energy/CO2 per tonne. Throughput defines plant capacity.

Throughput ↑ 10%

Grinding mill optimization

Continually adjust grinding mill parameters, load and ball charge to minimize grinding mill energy consumption and CO2 emission

Energy ↓ 4-10%


Flotation optimization

Adapt to changes in the feed, process and goals, to optimize the mineral recovery rate in flotation.

Mineral recovery ↑ 4-5%

Predictable and stable process

Accurately mix feed material from stockpiles to create a uniform feed so as to manage mineral recovery rate and reduce process variability


Predictive maintenance

AI powered predictive maintenance customized to individual mining customer needs and process

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