Intelligent Process Optimization

Our Industrial AI solution for pulp producers helps reduce energy costs, CO2 emissions and bleaching chemicals while ensuring target whiteness and production volume is met.

Traditional solutions struggle to handle the variability in modern pulp production processes. Failure to maintain required operational stability leads to higher fuel costs and chemical costs, lower sellable energy, off-specification end product and higher maintenance downtime.  



Reduce energy consumption and chemical usage

More predictable, less variable processes

Data driven decisions leveraging existing knowledge and expertise

Our solutions overcome common process optimization issues

Learns your process

Our AI builds a model of your pulp
process based on data. Traditional
technologies require expert

Adapts as your process changes

Feed, process and goals change. Our AI
solution refines its pulp process model
optimize for the latest conditions
without expert reconfiguration.

Manages complex process data

Our AI solution is data driven and
understand system dynamics for better

Maintains operator knowledge

Expert operator knowledge of the pulp
process is captured by machine learning
into an AI model. The best operating
parameters are then chosen.

Implementation at your speed

Implementation in stages: 1) predictive control; 2) guide parameter
setting. 3) autonomously mode where
parameters automatically set.

Vendor agnostic

Our solution will interface to any pulp
plant system that offers an interface to
external systems

Example opportunities with AI for Pulp and Paper
Paper Factory agaist blue sky

Digester optimization

Reduce variability of blowline Kappa so as to lower steam usage (reducing energy/CO2) and improving quality (less downstage chemicals).

Significant savings

Bleaching chemical reduction

Use the minimum amount of bleaching chemicals to achieve the target brightness

Significant savings


Boiler optimization

Adapt combustion settings so as to maximize heat generation and reduce emissions as input fuel varies

Energy ↓ 2-5%

Lime kiln optimization

Optimize energy consumed for a given production throughput and end quality.

Energy ↓ 4-6%

Use cases

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