Our Industrial AI solution for energy producers helps you lower fuels costs, reduce CO2 emissions and maintain target power and heat generation even with fluctuating fuel calorific values.

Our solution is applicable to combined heat and power (CHP) plants, utility power plants and industrial power plant as well as working across a range of fuels. 

We can help you deliver more efficient power generation

Adapt to changes in fuel

Our AI controller can detect changes in fuel calorific value and adapt combustion variables to maintain a target power output

Reduce fuel costs and emissions

Our AI powered solution chooses in real time the optimum set-point to achieve the lowest fuel costs and emissions per produced MW even with changing fuel characteristics

Provide consistent optimization

Our AI learns your process so no matter who is operating your plant from the most experienced to novices, the system will propose the optimal generation settings

Our solutions overcome power generation control issues

Builds a model of your process

Our AI solution learns your power
generation combustion process using
data and does not require continuous
expert reconfiguration

Adapts as your process changes

As fuel and power production targets
change, our solution constantly adapts
the operating parameters to meet target
energy production.

Manages complex variables and controls

Expert operators use experience to set
operating parameters. Our AI solution
understands the system dynamics using
data to optimize the plant.

Maintains power plant operator

Power plant operator knowledge is
captured by the AI model and the best
production settings chosen independent
of operator

Step wise AI implementation

Implemented in stages: 1) Predictive control; 2) guided control setting
choice. 3) automatic settings application

Vendor agnostic

Our solution will interface to any control
system that offers an interface to
external systems.

Use Cases
Opportunity with AI for powerplants

Power plant fuel burner optimization

Adapt combustion setting so as to maintain a high even output despite variations in fuel used and its calorific value.

Improved performance +5%

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