A new generation of intelligent process control for

Pulp & Paper

A new generation of
intelligent process
control for

Pulp & Paper

A new generation of Intelligent Advanced Process Control system built on a new generation of AI.  SentianController makes industrial control solutions more adaptive to changing environments, simplifies process control, focuses on high-level goals and minimizes manual installation and maintenance. And most importantly, improving process performance.

It is the results that matter.

SentianController complements existing control solutions to go beyond current standards. It is fast to install and configure via a cloud API, adapts and learns in real time, scales with your process, is intuitive and easy to operate, can optimize towards multiple goals and reduces the cost of ownership.

Together we can improve your process by

According to McKinsey, the US department of Energy, and our experience
Here's how

Standard control solutions struggle to handle the variability in modern-day processes for pulp and paper. Failure to maintain required operational stability leads to higher costs, off-spec tonnage and maintenance downtime. 

Variations in quality measures (Kappa, Consistency, ..) lead to a number of operational issues and inefficiencies

SentianController stabilizes product quality while maintaining production targets

Overuse of bleaching chemicals to ensure end product brightness

SentianController reduces chemical cost and increases in-spec product

Frequent maintenance and downtime 

By stabilizing key variables SentianController reduces maintenance and downtime

Use cases

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