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AI –  From simple predictions to core operations

How is the AI market for industrial applications evolving and what will be the next steps forward? What pain points can AI solve? How to embrace and get prepared to tap into the benefits of the next level of AI in an industrial environment?


Join this free webinar to learn what the role of AI is in the industry today and tomorrow. Our experts will discuss AI market evolution, how to find business cases for industrial AI applications, and how companies can prepare themselves to be able to leverage AI in their operations. You will also hear about some AI implementation examples by Roima and Sentian.AI.


September 02 | EEST 10:00–11:00 

(10:00-11:00 Finnish time and 09:00-10:00 Swedish time)


10:05: The Natural Evolution of the AI Market 
The evolution of technology leaps follows a certain pattern.
What can we learn and how to avoid costly mistakes?
With AI we are seeing a few new features that were not prominent in the last major tech leap and that will have a great impact on the industry.


10:10: AI – from Predictions to Optimization
AI has matured from PoC’s and simple predictions to image recognition for quality control and to advanced predictions and the optimization of core processes.
What is the business case of AI?

10:15: Talk About 4 Different Cases:

•    Image recognition for quality control
•    Variation reduction in high-tech manufacturing
•    Supply chain and logistics optimization
•    Control system optimization.

10:35: AI Readiness

10:40: Experience from Managing Technology Transformation – is AI Different from the Internet Impact?

10:45: Panel Discussion and Q&A including a guest from AI Sweden

11:00: Thank You!

Language: This webinar will be in English.

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We wish you a great summer and hope to see you on September 2!