is exhibiting at the Hannover Messe

industrial AI company is exhibiting and showcasing some of its leading edge solutions at the Hannover Messe. is exhibiting at the Hannover Messe March 31 to April 5.

Sentian is demoing and showcasing our industrial AI solutions at the Hannover Messe at the Sweden Co-Lab [Hall 27, Stand H30].

Sentian offers leading edge AI solutions for industrial applications such as improving availability of machines and plants, increasing yield and performance of production and complex optimizations. 

"Sentian is focused on the Industry 4.0 market and works with the energy sector, manufacturing machines, process industries and mining where we offer innovative solutions that are using leading edge AI to give our customers a leading edge" says CEO Martin Rugfelt. products that your can learn more about in Hannover:

Increased Availability through Sentian Anomaly Detection & Predictive Maintenance

In few areas is it more important to be leading edge. Our customers have important processes that need to be available 24/7 e.g. powering a city with heating and electricity. Sentian’s solution is an advanced deep learning and multi AI solution for predictions and anomaly detection. Using the latest in AI we can find more anomalies and make better predictions. The Sentian Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection solution covers both unsupervised and supervised conditions.

Optimized Performance through Sentian ICA

Industrial AI is not only about predictive maintenance. It is also supposed to make your machines and plants run closer to optimum. There is often a lot of performance differences between teams and machine operators as well as lots of waste and quality issues dependent on production problems. Using advanced algorithms taking in data from control systems, automation systems, machines, environment, KPI’s and operators Sentian can improve machine and plant performance.

Optimized planning and scheduling through Sentian IO

Complex planning is still considered too complicated for optimization and is often done in a manual way, whether that is large scale staffing in complicated settings, or in production planning with lots of moving parts and multi constrained environments. Even using software, planning is still frequently a manual optimization process. Alternatively companies resort to simplifications like producing to stock, driving cost.

Technology stack

Sentian is a research intensive company, always testing new research results and developing our own technology. We have extended our platform with some of the most efficient new AI technologies driving benefit for our customers. Please book a meeting to see our technology and discover opportunities for your business. 

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