AI-powered Energy Production

Upgrade production, improve availability, increase performance.

Our Industrial AI solution for Energy producers is tailored for the Energy production sector, ensuring a competitive edge. We have the experience and the technology enabling lower costs, increased revenues and reduced CO2 emissions.

• Easy to integrate

  • Full functionality

• End to end solution

Anomaly Detection & Predictive Maintenance

Less down time, more production.

The key to improved availability is getting early warnings. This reduces unplanned downtime and improves performance. Through discovering data anomalies these warnings can be found early on. Predictions give you the ability to prevent failures and plan your downtime. These anomalies have previously been hard to find, but we know how, and so should you.

Intelligent Control & Automation

Increase efficiency, decrease CO2.

Whether you produce, generate or distribute energy, performance can be improved using machine learning. By combining e.g. control system data with external data sources such as power exchanges and weather data it can further improve profitability, e.g. produce more power when prices are optimal and vice versa. It is also possible to improve energy distribution in district heating networks through improved distribution models.

Production can also be planned longer in advance if connected to better weather models.

Image Recognition

See the problem, find the solution.

Identifying outsized and non-combustible material can help avoid downtime for thermal plants powered by household garbage and waste material. By using the latest in image recognition we train our models to identify garbage that should be removed before entering the furnace.

Weather Models

Improve predictions

We can’t give you better weather but we can give you better planning. Combining forecast with market data can improve profitability of power plants, district heating as well as windpower.

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