AI powered manufacturing

Sentian’s platform is purposely built for industry 4.0 and manufacturing, offering solutions for increased availability, improved operational performance and intelligent production planning.

The applications are tailored to single or networked machines, plants and multi plant set ups.

• Availability

  • Performance

• Planning

Improve the availability of your production equipment trough Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance

Detect and resolve anomalies and defects earlier in the process. Condition monitoring cannot find all early warning signals. With anomaly detection you can find problems before they happen. With predictive maintenance you can even plan your maintenance. Both techniques ensure that world-class products are produced. Our learning and evolving systems built using leading edge AI finds and surfaces the issues and increases your equipment availability and reliability.  

Improve performance of your equipment through Intelligent Control and Automation (IAC)

There are large differences in equipment performance depending on if it is an expert or inexperienced operator. Machine data holds information that is often overlooked, that can improve performance. Control models are usually programmed by humans leading to sub optimum performance. By using the latest in machine learning we offer models that improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on all levels. The AI help drive world-class productivity and enable continuous improvement. Another factor is the large groups of experienced operators and production managers that will go into retirement the coming few years, where IAC can help the transition.

Improve planning through intelligent optimization

Production planning is complicated with lots of variables and constraints. There is also a drive towards smaller more customized production runs making planning even harder. Companies are resorting to buffers and made to stock. As more data and better AI has become available optimized planning is possible. This both saves cost and can increase revenues.

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