Sentian closed funding round

Industrial AI company Sentian has closed an oversubscribed funding round. The emission will accelerate Sentians growth in helping the process industry with production optimization and autonomous production solutions.

SentianAI has over the last few years developed SentianController, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the process industry to optimize production, while reducing emissions. 

“Through application of advanced AI, the process Industry has a huge opportunity to optimize the core of their business. This is important as that is where the majority of revenues as well as costs come from. With the emission, Sentian can accelerate our growth and develop our solutions for process optimization and autonomous production.” says Martin Rugfelt, Sentian CEO and Founder. 

Having seen a big shift in the industry during 2021 where companies in e.g. metals and mining, paper and pulp, chemistry to name a few, are moving from proof of concepts to using AI in live production systems for their core operations. Sentian is well positioned for this shift having productized its solution already.

The process industry has several challenges such as lack of skilled operators. With advanced AI, SentianController can for example capture expertise and augment it with data and our creative AI help operators improve their performance or even go all the way to autonomous production. Another challenge is to reduce emissions, which SentianController is ideal for. 

“Optimized autonomous control is the holy grail of the process industry. With our research and development in Reinforcement Learning we have created a solution that can give companies a new competitive advantage” says Nenad Pavlovic CTO/COO of SentianAI. 

The investment will be used for expanding both sales and marketing and the delivery team. Sentian is already recruiting for several open positions including head of marketing and senior data scientists. 

For further information, please contact:
Martin Rugfelt

+46 734 203044