It's the outcome that matters
It's the outcome
that matters
Adapting to the new system dynamics and exploring new more optimal states is the key to the long-term success and sustainability of the achieved benefits.

With its core engine based on recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), SentianController goes beyond present process control solutions. It is fast to install and configure, it is easier to operate,  and it optimizes towards multiple goals.

SentianController is preserving and growing the long term benefits by its ability to adapt and learn process dynamics in real-time, while continuously exploring for never before observed more optimal set-points.

Product as a Service
Product as a

SentianController is a multi cloud based product that runs as a service.

  • Continuous and automatic service updates 
  • Standard industry security practices to protect your data (VPN, DB encryption)
  • M2M Authentication and Autorization
  • Runs with major cloud providers
  • On prem option...
  • Integrates with existing IT system
Functions & Features
Functions &


Automatic Dynamics Model

Automatic inference of dynamics model from operational data, eliminating the need for costly manual modeling and tuning.

Continuous Learning & Adaptation

True AI learning from live data. It continuously adapts with drifts and changes in process dynamics.

Continuous Exploration

Discovery of more optimal set-points through continuous exploration of never before explored state space.

Data Efficient

Works even in the cases of limited data availability.

Scenarios Analysis

Analyzing hundreds of possible future scenarios/trajectories for finding the single most optimal action.

Set-points Regularization

Regularization model keeps actions within stable operational space.


Cloud API integration

Secure cloud service integration using REST API or gRPC.

Integrates with existing control systems

Integration against existing industrial infrastructure, without a need for replacements or new 3rd party solutions.

Seamless scaling

Upon established integration, new intelligent modules can be added fast and seamlessly to provide additional value.

Visualization & custom reports

Additional analytics and data processing for special dashboard visualizations and reports.

Augmenter or Autonomous

It supports both augmented (recommendations) or autonomous execution options depending on the customer needs and wants.

Service Management and Monitoring

We monitor and manage your service operation to secure the highest quality of operation and results.

Software Stack

SentianController software stack is built on modern IT industry solutions to ensure compatibility, extensibility,  stability & performance, and upgradability of the service.

Conventional AI is not ideal for Control Systems as it has limits in handling high complexity, stability, and limited data availability. A new generation of AI, Model Based Reinforcement Learning (MBRL), addresses these problems, and can proactively explore new optimal states. This makes it ideal for control systems.

Easy to start

No need for hiring expensive data science teams. All you’ll need is a commitment. 
We have all the knowledge and long term experience needed to guide you through the process.


Maximize Yield

By dynamically adapting to changes in the processes and environment, while continuously optimizing towards the goals to get the best yield and throughput. 

Reduce cost of operations

By including the resources (additives, chemicals, water, heating, cooling, pressures, etc.) in the optimization process, the consumption of those are reduced to the optimal minimum at any given state of the process.

Use expertise and resources optimally

By capturing and using your expert operators’ operational knowledge and experience in generating process control optimization results, and thereby helping more junior operators achieve higher performance, while at the same time reducing problems with retirement.

Increase Autonomy

There are lots of industrial processes that are not well understood by process experts and need constant monitoring as they are too dynamic and complex. Many can now be semi automated or even made fully autonomous.

SentianController provides a bigger effect than most other investments made to deal with competitive threats & opportunities, efficiency, and pain points. With its core being based on AI technologies it is much more dynamic and flexible and hence capable of addressing a range of challenges and constraints. It learns from experts and data, and do things only people could before. SentianController is a SaaS product which makes it faster, simpler, and more efficient to deploy as industrial AI. There is no need for hiring data scientists and data engineers, we’ve got you covered!


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