Our next-generation AI process optimization solution, SentianController, delivers a sustainable step-change in process performance, uses fewer natural resources, creates less waste and helps organizations retain expert knowledge.

The innovative AI technology continually learns your process and, in real-time,  simulates multiple possible outcomes to find the best option and go beyond what is possible with traditional solutions.

Business Benefits

Leverage knowledge and expertise

Capture the operational knowledge of your best operators in our AI and make it available to junior operators.

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Data driven decisions

 Cut through huge amounts of data to see what drives performance and what doesn’t

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Increase autonomy

Most industrial processes are too complex for human operators to optimize. Our AI solution can guide decisions or offer full autonomous control.


Increase yield and cut waste

Adapt to changes in the feed, process and goals, to optimize yield for a given production.

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Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions

Continuously adjust parameters to run at the optimum set-point to deliver the lowest energy/CO2 per produced tonne.


Cut water and chemical usage

Minimise water and chemical usage  by dynamically adapting to process and goal changes.

Business Impact

Depending on the optimization target, significant efficiency improvements can be made to individual process stages.These can cascade across process stages to deliver even more significant savings across the complete plant. Typically savings are in the ranges shown below.

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Benefits for a continusly changing world

Goals driven

Set multiple goals and the importance of each goal and SentianController will calculate the optimum set-point to achieve your specific goals

Learns from experience

SentianController builds a model of your process and optimum parameter settings based on historical data so your best operator experience is captured.

Creative AI

The AI Sentain employs has the power to be creative and to evaluate the relative benefits of different set point combinations by simulating different scenarios in real-time.


The operator can also explore “what if” scenarios by providing setpoints to forecast key process variables. Allowing operators to analyse “what-if” scenarios. 

Continuous learning

Our solution learns continuously from data and automatically adjusts so unlike traditional solutions (e.g. APCs) it does not need expensive experts to make adjustments or lose effectiveness.

Implement at your speed

SentianController can simulate scenarios, provide set-point recommendations or be fully autonomous so you can utilize functionality when ready

AI for supervisory control

SentianController is a supervisory control solution. It can either be an alternative to an APC or it can sit on top of the APC to provide additional support for enhanced optimization.

How we implement SentianController

 SentianController is built on a cloud platform to make it easy to deploy and scale, and it connects with existing systems via standard or bespoke connectors. It also comes with a full set of deployment, configuration, and service management tools.

  • Automatically applies recommended set-points allowing the solution to react in real-time and freeing up operators for other key tasks.
  • Recommends to operators set-points that will deliver better performance against business goals.
  • Predicts output and forecasts key quality measures for proactive operational decisions, before official lab results.
  • Learns the best of all operators, adapting to increase performance and keep up with drifts and changes.
Our Solution
A new generation of Intelligent Process Control

With its core engine based on breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), SentianController goes beyond present process control solutions. It is fast to install and configure, adapts and learns in real-time, handles uncertainty and complexity, is easier to operate, optimizes towards multiple goals, and reduces the cost of ownership.

  • Cloud API integration​​
  • Integrates with existing control and automation systems​
  • Seamless scaling with process and features changes ​
  • Augmented and Autonomous execution options
  • Service Management and monitoring
  • Visualizations and custom reports
Why AI outperforms APCs over time

APC's underperform over time

  • 1. The process changes (equipment, new feed materials, process materials) or goals change but the solution does not learn
  • 2. Expert operators change role
  • 3. APC settings are not updated to reflect new goals or process changes

SentianController keeps capturing benefits

  • 1. Automatically adapts to process and goal changes, and continues to search for optimal performance without further expert intervention
  • 2. Is not dependent on operator expertise to deliver benefits
Application Use-Cases

Learn how we can transform your processes

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