SentianController is based on a new generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is dynamic and flexible, adapts quickly to changing environments, and learns processes from data—allowing you to focus on high-level goals.

It is the outcome that matters.

Industrial complexity has been growing faster than technological solutions can scale—until now. New technological breakthroughs within AI have enabled intelligent process optimization solutions to tackle modern industrial challenges.

Maximize yield

By dynamically adapting to changes in the processes and environment, while continuously optimizing towards the goals to get the best yield and throughput. 

Reduce cost of operations

By including key resources (such as additives, chemicals, water, heating and cooling) in the optimization process, thereby ensuring that resource consumption is optimal given your objectives.

Use expertise and human resources optimally

By capturing and using your expert operators’ operational knowledge and experience in generating process control optimization results, and thereby helping more junior operators achieve higher performance, while at the same time reducing risks caused by retirement.

Increase autonomy

Many industrial processes are not well understood by process experts and need constant monitoring as they are too dynamic and complex. Many can now be semi-automated or even made fully autonomous.

Together we can improve your process 


*According to McKinsey, the US department of Energy, and our experience

SentianController addresses competitive opportunities and threats, efficiency, and pain points — all with a compelling, measurable return on your investment.

Our Solution
A new generation of Intelligent Process Control

With its core engine based on recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), SentianController goes beyond present process control and automation solutions. It is fast to install and configure, adapts and learns in real-time, handles uncertainty and complexity, is easier to operate, optimizes towards multiple goals, and reduces the cost of ownership.


Automatic Dynamics Model

Automatic inference of dynamics model from operational data, eliminating the need for costly manual modeling and tuning.

Continuous Learning & Adaptation

True AI learning from live data. It continuously adapts with drifts and changes in process dynamics.

Continuous Exploration

Discovery of more optimal set-points through continuous exploration of never before explored state space.

Data Efficient

Works even in the cases of limited data availability.

Scenarios Analysis

Analyzing hundreds of possible future scenarios/trajectories for finding the single most optimal action.

Set-points Regularization

Regularization model keeps actions within stable operational space.


  • Cloud API integration​​
  • Integrates with existing control and automation systems​
  • Seamless scaling with process and features changes ​
  • Augmented and Autonomous execution options
  • Service Management and monitoring
  • Visualizations and custom reports
Application Use-Cases
Industry Challenges

Quality issues

Yield targets

High cost of scrap

High cost of energy and Environmental impact

APC solutions offer considerable benefits right after installation, but suffer from a slow degradation of performance over time. The reason for this is that APC solutions have always been challenged by the very nature of industrial processes, which are dynamic and high-dimensional. What’s more, the realities of industry—degradation of equipment, replacement of instruments, and frequent reconfiguration of production and recipes—make the challenge even greater. APC software makers struggle to close the gap, but outcomes are often far from optimal.

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