Most optimization software is hard to use.

Other optimization solutions are difficult to set up and use — unless you’re an expert programmer. They use complicated pricing and licensing schemes. And they’re focused almost entirely on computation in a world of big data.

As a result, only very high-volume processes tend to be planned using software. The rest are still managed by hand.

The costs of this manual work go well beyond suboptimal planning. Human experts become tied up in maintaining the status quo. And it becomes harder to innovate and seize new opportunities.

At Sentian, we’re working to change this.

By adding the latest in machine learning to established mathematical approaches, Sentian has taken traditional optimization and … optimized it.

The result?

A fast, adaptive and powerful industrial optimizer that delivers compelling results without requiring technical expertise.

SentianPlanner: made for industry
made for industry

Logistics Optimization

The challenge of logistics optimization grows rapidly with the size of the problem, and human planning, even by experts, often falls well short of optimal.

Planning Optimization

Allocating the right employees in the right place at the right time improves service quality and saves labor costs.

Supply Chain Optimization

Modern factories need to be flexible: they often produce many small runs of products with varied configurations.

SentianPlanner typically results in a 10-30% improvement

  • Simple to use
  • Extraordinarily powerful
  • Lives in the cloud or on-prem
  • Learns from data
  • Easy to customize for your goals

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