Logistics Optimization
The challenge of logistics optimization grows rapidly with the size of the problem, and human planning, even by experts, often falls well short of optimal. In this context, SentianPlanner can deliver a fast return on investment. Some of the benefits:
  • Reduce costs for labor, fuel and fleet maintenance
  • Improve capacity
  • Continuously replan to adapt to unexpected events
  • Explore scenarios to identify effects of system-wide changes
  • Handle the unique conditions and constraints of your business
  • Optimize according to your goals (such as a combination of KPIs)
Case study

Market leader in automotive repair

A large automotive repair chain needed help with delivering parts among warehouses and repair shops. These deliveries occur throughout the business day and are essential for the timely completion of service and repair work. They are also subject to many constraints, including customer-specific delivery times, vehicle capacity, and legally mandated driver breaks. In this case, the speed and flexibility of SentianPlanner has enabled the customer to investigate new scenarios by evaluating not only adjustments to the constraints but major logistical changes (such as combining warehouses) as well. As a result, new opportunities can be detected, evaluated, and implemented with confidence.