Top 5 industries at the forefront of AI revolution

AI Industries

No need to say that artificial intelligence is here to stay. The revolutionary impact that its application is having in the various areas of daily life is putting pressure on industries and markets to maintain an increasing rate of innovation in products and services.

The implementation of artificial intelligence in business is transforming the way companies create, produce and perform. Those companies that have anticipated the users’ needs by providing innovative, intelligent, and automated solutions, are taking over the market. Moreover, experts are predicting a market size growth rate of 40.2% from 2021 to 2028 within the entire artificial intelligence market.

More and more companies are strategically using their data to predict users’ behaviors, exceed market expectations and thus generate added value to their businesses.

The power of clusters

Another critical part of the sustained expansion of leading technologies has been the collaborative work that has formed a large global AI community. AI professionals have increased the formation of hubs around the globe that accelerate the creation of knowledge, enterprises and, software.

Such is the case of Wonderland AI, a summit that brings together experts, specialists, and enthusiasts in several artificial intelligence branches to foster a deeper exploration of AI’s full potential in businesses.

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At Sentian we have proven that cooperating with strong stakeholders is the way to boost innovation that creates real impact. By working together with large companies such as Device Insight and Roima, we are developing cutting-edge programming in logistics and manufacturing industries.

Industries at the forefront with AI

Several studies are pointing out that those industries with the highest penetration of artificial intelligence have achieved substantial growth. Furthermore, their constant evolution is expected which will allow them to be at the forefront and take over the market the most in the coming years. These are the so-called leading industries 4.0:

1. Energy

The transformation of the energy industry into a sustainable sector that responds to environmental and consumer needs will only be possible through the use of AI. Forbes report has stated that the revolution in the energy sector requires the integration of smart technologies from the core.

Machine learning applications by the largest energy companies are re-designing a future where the sector needs to improve prediction, management, and storage capabilities in order to benefit from AI. They have foreseen the great impact and utility of AI deployment in the industry and have been driving their digital transformation for a few years. In fact, according to the market report, the usage of AI in energy is forecast to reach $4.5 billion by 2026.

Power Plants can reach higher efficiency using AI by controlling sources, conditions, equipment, and variations. At Sentian we have developed a controller that has shown a 5% increase in production with the addition of AI on top of an APC solution. Learn more about it here.

2. Pharmaceutical

The pandemic triggered the increased use of AI in the pharmaceutical industry. The pressure of a global market that demanded immediate and effective results, confirmed the indisputable benefits and capabilities of AI to solve the needs of the industry.

Current forecasts by researchers companies foresee market growth to reach $5.94 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 47%. The leading industry players are shaping the future of the industry by improving diagnosis, predictions, and production through their data-driven processes.

Controlling the conditions in the development and production of products is a crucial factor in influencing the quality of the final outcome. Learn more about how Sentian has worked with similar scenarios in the chemical industry.

3. Mining

Mining companies have seen great improvements in the implementation of AI in digital modeling for effective analysis that supports optimal decision-making. ABI Research has forecasted that miners’ spend on digital technologies will reach US$9.3 billion by 2030.

Governmental regulations and markets are also adding pressure for mining companies to shift into sustainable production processes to maintain effective workflows while reducing their environmental footprint. In addition to this, controlling security risks, increase accuracy, and identifying productivity improvement, are some of the most relevant goals to reach by maximizing data.

Overcoming these issues is requiring innovative approaches using AI at the core of the businesses. At Sentian we have achieved great results with the use of SentianController, to the point of improving sustainable production and reducing CO2 emissions. Through the implementation of plant automation, companies are improving their competitiveness by reducing production costs and increasing revenue.

Review these cases to learn more.

4. Manufacturing

In only two years, the hypercompetitiveness of the manufacturing industry will undergo a major transformation into AI-based innovation, according to Gartner. Those companies moving forward with their digital transition will be at the lead of the disruptive market.

The amount of data that is created in manufacturing companies gives them a strategic advantage in implementing AI compared to less digitalized sectors. By introducing smart production to the sector, companies are seeing increases in efficiency while reducing costs and production times.

According to McKinsey, adopters of these technologies not only report increased revenue but have also seen an increase in the overall enterprise value. 22% have reported an EBIT increase derivative to the implementation and use of AI in their business.

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5. Logistics

Predictive capacity has improved the productivity and competitiveness of logistics companies thanks to the increased availability of data. With extended use of AI, such as route optimization, is directing the future of the sector. Solely in the transportation area, the reports establish an expected AI market growth to USD 10.30 billion by 2030.

The use of big data in the optimization of planning and production is generating unprecedented transformations. The improvement through technology has favorably impacted the different stages of the process, from the strategic planning and coordination of raw materials to the optimization of routes and delivery.

For example, the efficient management of personnel to respond to business requirements has been an obstacle in the growth of companies based on logistics and supply chain processes. That is why the adaptation of artificial intelligence in the effective coordination of teams has allowed improving the effectiveness of planning. At Sentian we have transformed complex processes into optimized routes through the use of SentianPlanner.