What is AIoT and how applies to industries?

After IoT era, the world is shifting towards the Artificial Intelligence of Things -or AIoT- and it’s easy to see it around our daily lives. Intelligent devices empowered by 5G networks are improving smart homes and building smart cities. But it’s also transforming businesses into smart industries.

Martin Rugfelt, CEO at Sentian AI and tech expert, discussed the implications of intelligent automation in industrial companies in the renowned journal Kunststoffe international. Together with Martin Dimmler, Head of Solution Strategy & Solution Engineering at Device Insight, they examined the opportunities and real applications of industrial digitization.

Fortifying a strong business strategy with the right technology is a critical component to empowering and expanding enterprises globally, the experts conclude. Beyond following trends, managers are understanding and embracing industrial digitization processes to add real value to the operating capabilities.

For this, it is crucial to recognize AIoT (AI + IoT combined) as a tool that directly guides operations in an optimal way when is fully integrated into the business core. In that sense, artificial intelligence becomes a fundamental element that allows a constant, scalable, and adaptable improvement of industrial processes.

At Sentian AI we have developed SentianController, a product that analyzes the real production conditions of the company and designs an integrated solution that constantly evolves with the business’s needs.  As a result, companies increase their efficiency, save costs, and become more competitive in the market.

The factual applications of these technologies have a wide range of usability in industrial companies. Its contribution to environmental issues by reducing emissions and making energy consumption more efficient is clear. But It is also a key element for the stabilization of product quality in e.g. paper production, in the reduction of fluctuations in the production of sensors, or in the control of modeling processes for the plastics industry.

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